People often ask me, “How did this all start? How did you go from being a professional poker player to opening Chasin’ Tails?”

I never dreamed that I would own a restaurant. Everything started from my favorite memories as a kid. From as long as we could remember, we anxiously waited for summer to come. It was time for our family trip to Wyoming Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We loved everything about Louisiana. Our family, the food, football, the culture, the people, the Southern hospitality…


Our family gatherings were huge with forty people on my uncle’s backyard deck. I remember playing with crawfish before they went into the stockpots filled with the secret family boil recipe of a dozen different spices, bunches of vegetables, and long links of andouille sausages. We all would eat and the adults would drink beer. Everyone just had a great time! As our family grew older, the tradition stopped, but I always have and always will reminisce about those days.


Fast forward twenty years … it dawned on me that poker wouldn’t be a long term option. I had the crazy idea of using some of our poker winnings to open a restaurant that recreates the “get your hands dirty” backyard boil feel that I grew up with. It definitely was a huge task for an inexperienced person, but luckily, I was able to convince my brother and best friends to help.


Fast forward three more years… Chasin’ Tails has been open for over ten years now. We sincerely hope that we have delivered on our goal of offering the most-authentic best-tasting drinks from Bourbon Street and the highest quality Cajun seafood always served with Southern Hospitality level service. Chasin’ Tails is now a concept of Happy Endings Hospitality.

A crawfish boil with friends and family in Louisiana when the boys were growing up (Hac and Di on the far right)


At Chasin’ Tails, we offer a family style dining that mimics a backyard boil, a traditional event that takes place all over Louisiana during crawfish season.

A backyard boil typically involves large sacks of live crawfish cooked in an oversized pot that is filled with a boiling soup of spices, oranges, lemons, garlic, onions, and celery. Once ready, the critters are dumped onto a picnic table where everyone can dig in!


This is the highlight of our cuisine where the guests choose the seafood, “Catch”. Our modern twist to the traditional way of eating crawfish is the extra-added step of sautéing the “Catch” in one of our three signature sauces. This adds intense flavor and a wonderful aroma that makes our Boiled Seafood irresistibly addictive!


It is our way of promising superior customer service and food quality by maintaining a fair and loving work environment. “If you ain’t smilin’, you ain’t buyin’!”

It is our 100% unconditional guarantee to serving the freshest food with southern hospitality every time our guests walk through our doors. We are committed to the highest quality of food. All of our dishes are made from scratch.  Our seafood is cooked live, made to order, and never pre-cooked. We want our guests to feel as if they’re in their backyards having a great time with good food and good company. We will do everything we can to make our guests leave with a smile.


Our vision is more than a restaurant with good food and service, but also a place where good people come together. We all are not just part of a restaurant, we are part of one big happy Chasin’ Tails family!

We strive to treat everyone in the Chasin’ Tails family with the utmost respect and fairness. By cultivating an environment that delivers the highest level of happiness to our staff, we know our customers will experience the same happiness. We deliver only genuine customers service and hospitality that comes from the heart.


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